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Monthly giveaway winners for 2015:
January - Pam Peters of Missouri, February - Rose Helg of Louisiana, March - Joy Isley of Arizona, 
April - Belinda Jank of Texas, May - Betty Page of Virginia, June - Judy Ferguson of Missouri,  
July - Michelle de Leon, August - Regina Goble, September - Elizabeth Dunn,

October - Sharon Grandstaff,   November - Sterlean Castle, and December - Lori Haws


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January Kindle Promotion - Available on Amazon in Kindle Edition.

wanton splendor

Wanton Splendor - for $1.99


Defiant- for $1.99


Hunter's Moon- for $1.99

bayou bride

Bayou Bride- for $1.99

raptures rage

Rapture's Rage- for $1.99

forever autumn

Forever Autumn- for $0.99

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