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a cowboy for christmas

A Cowboy For Christmas

Presents under the Christmas tree are great, but being surrounded by the love of your family

is the best gift of all . . .Dan Roland and his younger brother, Nick, are abandoned at an

orphanage in St. Louis by their widowed father. When Nick is unexpectedly adopted,

Dan runs away to find his brother, but has no luck. Dan never returns to the orphanage.

As the years pass, he makes his way to Texas and hires on as a ranch foreman.

When his dying boss, Jack, asks him to go to St. Louis and escort his daughter Penny home

for Christmas, Dan makes the trip, but is haunted by the memories of his time there.

Once Dan and Penny return, Jack sends them to find money he’s hidden on the ranch.

Facing unexpected dangers from a blizzard and a greedy ranch hand, they find the treasure...

and they also find love. Penny gets a cowboy for Christmas. As for Dan, when he arrives back

at the ranch, there’s a surprise gift waiting for him . . .

and it’s all about family . . .

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